Its not Rocket science is it??? 

No.. but it is about the science and the detail, which we pride ourselve on

Simply put we are a digital marketing agency with a difference.

Aside from the creative and design elements the focus is very commercial.

Our target customer is Small to Medium businesses.

The aim is to get these businesses up and running online and or develop their current presence in order to generate more impact, more leads or set up a new eCommerce venture.

We offer digital marketing and development services alongside branding, but also general business advice to sense check your strategy, should you want that conversation

How are you qualified to help my business, or tell me what direction my business needs to go?

I head up AHS Digital – I’m Andy Schofield, I’ve been a senior manager in various online businesses, start-ups, takeovers, restructuring, turnaround; all my roles have come with a commercial focus ensuring results are profitable, and value for money

I’ve developed a variety of skills across a wide portfolio of company types which has given me a very broad spectrum of skills and a wide, diverse group of contacts
I’ve worked with marketing agencies and developers for over 10 years, most are strong in one area.

It can be very frustrating discussing with a programmer the importance of the customer journey, and why your site needs to have function X and feature Y and the importance of hitting a tangible deadline
Simply put, I get the job done!

If I tell you your project will take 3 week, it will take 3 weeks.

If you need high quality Photography, or a promotional video then Jamie Schofield (Harry! ) is the man for the job.

Its his passion and a serious calling, the results are spectacular.

Video is the new media, if you have no video presence. presently, you need to have it in your portfolio,
Google likes video content and customers love it, much more than reading text!

Graphic design and impressive imagery set good and bad websites apart.

We have enlisted the freelance help of Danny Designs
Daniel Gee is an incredibly talented designer, who has a great visualising ability when it comes to the creation of the brand, or supporting graphics for a particular project.

Check out some examples of Daniels work

We would love to hear from you!
Please feel free to get in touch